Margarete Amoes

Fashion Designer

The idea of starting a fashion brand came about in 2017, with my friends. With little experience in the fashion industry, designs and material hunting became the prime focus. However, having to move to Amsterdam for university, and covid-19 putting the world at a standstill for over two years, Tatcher Attire was still just an idea.

Growing up with my parents who were very family and business orientated people, starting my own business was inevitable. Losing my Father at the end of 2020 was dispiriting for me both mentally and in continuing my dream of starting my business. But having my Mother by my side and my father’s wise words with me everyday, I realised that the world stops for nobody and the way to move, is forward. I felt like I owed it to God and my parents to continue and make it a reality. Through many highs and lows, and support from my family and friends, I can finally say that Tatcher Attire has finally come to life.

Tatcher Attire, a unique and striking semi-formal and formal clothing brand for women, was founded in 2022. Inspired by fashion, changing and evolving constantly, the idea was to manufacture clothing for all women of all sizes. To bring a bit of everything to the table. Our goal is for women to feel good and confident in anything they wear, to express their inner beauty. Everything with elegance and poise.

I am so excited to share my vision, ideas and thoughts through clothing, and even more excited and optimistic for the future of this business. So cheers to Tatcher Attire!
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